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"Attraction and Repulsion" workshop with Märta Mattsson

  • Campus Idar-Oberstein Vollmersbachstraße 53a 55743 Idar-Oberstein Germany (map)

In this workshop I would like you to explore your own experiences and emotions towards certain materials and objects. I want to see if you can manage to turn a material you dislike into something you could like or at least stand. I want you to find beauty in something unexpected. This course is not purely about creating a beautiful piece of jewellery or an object. The aim of the course is to discuss and dig deeper into the psychology behind why we feel certain emotions towards specific materials and things. I have always been interested in phobias and how we as humans can have irrational fear of things. Through cognitive behavioral therapy (by exposing ourselves gradually to the thing that scares us) we can slowly overcome these fears. By working with and handling insects for a few years in my artistic practice, I have almost overcome my fear of insects. Personally I have found the emotional journey I have gone through fascinating and I would love to share your experience and emotions together with you.

The workshop is open for anyone who is interested in exploring these ideas of attraction/repulsion. Anyone interested in creating objects, sculptures or jewellery is welcome.  No previous jewellery skills are required. I can help you through the process of transforming the materials or ideas into a piece of art. I have a wide set of materials skills and in my own practice I have worked with all kind of materials like, wood, metal, skin, silicone, plastics, wax, stone etc.

Märta Mattsson


duration:     3 days á 8 hours

fee:              200,00€

languages:  english, swedish


How to apply for this workshop? Please click here

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